Representative Engagements

  • Leadership & Change Management – Austin Semiconductor Inc.

Upon assuming the role of President, began implementing changes to a financially struggling company. Instituted a culture of enhanced responsibility and accountability. Improvements included 10% revenue increase and on-time delivery from less that 50% to more than 90%. Positioned the company to be sold at a 4.5 earnings multiple.

  • New Product Innovation – Electronic Designs Inc.

Identified opportunity to integrate a Power PC with its cache on a substrate. Developed and presented a product prototype to senior leadership to gain their support. Negotiated with four subcontractors for the entire process. The product enabled generated $5 million per year and solidified the company’s reputation as an integrator capable of bringing complex products to market.

  • Supply Chain Management – Xicor Inc.

Restructured the supply chain through a strategic partnership with a key vendor resulting in savings of $1 million per year and a 50% reduction of turn time. Improved inventory management and cash flow.

  • Technical Expertise – Intel Corp.

Analyzed and uncovered the root cause of why finished goods were failing a final quality assurance test. Developed an innovative solution that led to a significantly more stable manufacturing process, enabling the company to meet delivery commitments.

  • Comprehensive Industry Expertise

Contributing author for IC Knowledge books and reports ( Featured speaker and presenter at worldwide semiconductor manufacturing industry events.