Frank Muscolino is a seasoned semiconductor professional with 30+ years experience in solving a wide range of problems. His knowledge has evolved with the industry, and today, he possesses state-of-the-art expertise that few consultants can match. To say that he has seen it before is not hyperbole!

His background in Chemistry and Materials has allowed him to be a major contributor in the success of many companies, both industry leaders and emerging firms. He has held management and operations positions ranging from Technical Advisor all the way to President. 


Frank Muscolino, President

Frank’s unique work experience allows him to take on any issues clients might have and provide impactful solutions in a fast time frame.  He can see answers to difficult, broad-based problems that stretch across departmental lines, making him a unique asset in a world often made up of organizational silos.

In an era where big is gigantic and consolidation is rampant, it is hard to find consulting partners that will help you go from startup to a substantial company.  Frank’s dedication to helping both smaller firms as well as industry leaders is legendary. Frank’s extensive network of industry contacts enables him to gain entrée into often hard to access knowledge, resources, and people.

Call Frank at 781 883 5428 or email for an expert, no-obligation diagnosis of your situation.


“Frank is a superb leader and strategic thinker. He inspires his subordinates through exceptional communication and motivational skills. He would make a valuable addition to any executive team.”

                                                                – Dan Terry, Quality Resource Center 


“We guarantee that we will get the job done with a solid ROI for your company”